It pays to surf with caution when it comes to your health. Use these links as safe starting off points and then use the links in these sites.

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Web MD America’s top health site boasts 17m users a month and is easy to use — equal parts potential lifesaver and hypochondriac heaven. A great feature is the review of prescription medicines by other users.
Medicine Net Particularly recommended for its photo slideshows, which can, for example, help you identify insects and their bites and give you a masterclass in birthmarks.
Exercise TV Many sites try to charge for their workouts, but you can get them free here. ExerciseTV is tailored towards, but not exclusively for, women — there are plenty of videos aimed at men wanting to look good in a T-shirt.
Real Age You need to register (free) and dodge the occasional question designed to sell you stuff you don’t need, but once you get going this site lets you input personal data before it gives a verdict on how old you “really” are, based on your lifestyle. You need info on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels to hand.
Med Help This claims to be the world’s largest health “community”, and its forums are among the liveliest online, with topics on almost anything you can think of. Once registered, you can send a question to the site’s resident doctors.
Choose and Book NHS UK The electronic bookings and referrals system for England promises a choice of at least four hospitals or clinics for any medical appointment. A useful jumping-off point for investigating the statistics of local hospitals.
eMC.medicines Mislaid your prescription leaflet and need to know if that swelling on your ear is a known side effect or not? Search the EMC database of 6,500 medicines, all with downloadable PDFs of the original sheets. Also searchable by active ingredient and dosage.
Male Health A good site run by a charity, the Men’s Health Forum.
Babyworld The Babyworld Shop for all your little needs
Boots Not as well stocked as the shops but good all the same. Free delivery over £40.
British Medical Journal Your online version of this journal
CHIC The Consumer Health Information Centre. Run by Dr Ian Banks famous for his late night TV programmes about SEX. Men's health issues and stress. Nice presentation Site aims to help you deal with many of the common complaints such as cold and flu.
Cyber Hospital Operated by doctors and a well qualified team. The first step toward a cure is to know what the disease is 
Disease World The wonderful world of diseases - one of the world's most visited sites.
Dr Koop Dr C Everett Koop runs the largest practice in the us of a. with over 1 million patients. He believes the best prescription is knowledge. 
Health Care Reality Checks Alternative medicine is unregulated in many countries, and as such is open to a lot of fraudulent claims. If you want to sort out the genuine alternative health claims from the rubbish then head for this site.
Health on the Net Foundation Informative site with a great search engine for the latest developements / news on health conditions.
Homeopathy Home  Health store for your vitamins health and fitness supplies.
Medic 8 Run by the Medicom Publishing Group. Lots of useful advice written by doctors. This claims to be the first port of call for UK patients, carers and health professionals who want dependable and trustworthy medical information. This is the place to find out what questions to ask your doctor.
Natural Land Today An online US health magazine. Natural medicine and herbal remedies. Looks at prevention as well as cures. A wealth of excellent practical advice on getting and staying not just fit but healthy, the natural way.
Net Doctor In association with TV doctor Hilary Jones. You'll find information on common conditions and you can e-mail questions to a panel of doctors. You'll find  a description of every ailment (and its symptoms) known to man.
NHS Direct Online Official NHS Website. It has a quick advice system based on a questionnaire. If your stuck for a decision on whether to call out the doctor, you should visit this site first. The excellent companion site to the NHS’s phone line focuses on in-depth information and topical guides.  It’s easy on the eye, ad-free and simple to use. It’ll either put your mind at ease or tell you to call a doc, pronto.
Nuffield Hospital Private healthcare in 40 hospitals across the UK
Nursing Portal The Thorbury Portfolio of good British Nursing Websites
Osteopathy in the UK Osteopathy is the most mainstream of alternative treatments. Anyone who has a 'bad back' will swear by their osteopath. Practical advice and useful information for those wanting to find out more about osteopathy.
Patient.co.uk Self Help Groups and information for patients. Run by 2 GPs from Newcastle. If you don't know where to go this site to look up health sites both UK and non-UK.
Pharm Info Net The site to go for info on pharmaceutical drugs with news, links, discussion groups and a glossary.If you want to know more about a medical condition, there is a list of disease info centres, catagorised by ailments.
Planet Medica It's better to trust the eyes rather than the ears.
Quack Watch Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions
Specialist Health Website Medic Direct - The only interactive website hosted by leading UK medical consultants providing comprehensive health information online
Superdrug Now get all your Superdrug toiletries online.
Surgery Door Excellent site. Run by Dr Mark Porter well known TV doctor and co presenter of BBC's Watchdog Healthcheck. It claims to be Britain's most comprehensive health website. Lots of good practical advice on health, news, and how to find services in your part of Great Britain.
Think Natural A UK based natural health website where you can get information on alternative medicine. Ideal site to ease the stresses and strains of modern living.
Travel Health Online Excellent, especially for travellers heading for more exotic climes. Don't leave home until you have checked out the health status of the country you're visiting.
Your disease risk This is an interactive site developed by the Harvard Centre for Cancer Prevention. Developed over the past ten years by world-renowned experts, Your Disease Risk collects the latest scientific evidence on disease risk factors into one easy-to-use tool.



National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) This is the website of the NPF based in America. It's a non profit making organisation dedicated to helping the 2-3% of men and women who suffer from this debilatating skin disease, typified by a red, scaly and sometimes itchy rash most commonly appearing on the elbows, knees and scalp. What is psoriasis ? FAQs therapies, proven treatments, and alternative therapies.
Psoriatic Arthropathy Alliance A British national registered charity dedicated to raising awareness and helping people with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis.
British Association of Dermatologists A good source of information sheets on psoriasis as well as many other common (and not so common) skin disorders.





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